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Hey All,

This was something I made the other day for a little fun, I just wanted to make my own Space Invaders similar to the original. In most aspects it is the same except this time the aliens drop coins every now and then so you can save up and purchase a new better ship.


A / D or Left and Right Arrow keys for moving side to side,

Space Bar to fire

Also for those of you who don't want to grind to try out the better ship, you can use the buttons Left Control - Space Bar together to get credit.

I have no intentions on profiting from this game as I was just having a little fun when making it ( however donations would be appreciated as it will help me develop more games in the future), I also don't plan on making any updates to it - although that being said if there are some of you out there that are playing it and would like some minor tweaks made I can do that. In the meantime I am working on another game that shares similar goals and graphics to this so keep an eye out. My Instagram would be best place to check for new updates on any new games.

Thanks you all so much for the feedback I've been receiving recently.

Instagram - Nutty Studios


Download Now
On Sale!
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$1.00 $0.00 USD or more

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Could use a bit of animation and maybe some sound effects, but not bad for just a quick space invaders clone.

Thanks for playing the game, I will definitely take a look at adding some of these features into the game and update it here shortly.